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Exclusive long knitwear designs for your wardrobe

Exclusive clothing designs can be found at Kiro by Kim. This fashion designer comes from the Netherlands and has a flag store in Rotterdam where you can shop the long knitwear. This fashion company is a pioneering designer, as they were the first to create a knitwear vest of high quality. Craftmanship and attention to detail are some of the most prominent features of Kiro by Kim designs. Heart and soul are put into every long knitwear item, meaning you get a high-end piece of soft clothing in your wardrobe.

The advantages of mohair yarn for your clothing

From a hand-knitted coat to unique long knitwear pieces, Kiro by Kim truly has it all in their collection! The exclusive patterns make sure you have a statement piece that can be worn all year round. Mohair yarn is incredibly sheen, making it the perfect material for soft knits. Another advantage of mohair yarn is that it feels warm in the colder months, while it feels very cool on your skin when it is warmer. The yarn is very adaptive to its environment and your body heat. A third advantage is that mohair yarn is exceptionally durable – it keeps its form and color, even when you regularly wash your clothing pieces. It is however important to follow the washing instructions when cleaning your long knitwear to preserve its quality!

Order items from the collection

Discover the complete collection and order your favorite piece of long knitwear in the web shop. From off the shoulder designs to cute vests, all pieces make a unique statement! Kiro by Kim ships their clothing worldwide with a tracking code, so you do not have to worry about secured shipping methods! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the customer service. They are more than happy to help you.